THQ Nordic Gaming Showcase Returning in August

THQ Nordic has another gaming showcase coming up soon with the company announcing this week the return of the THQ Nordic Digital Showcase which will take place on August 11th. Specifics weren't announced regarding which games will be in attendance in the next few months, but considering how many different properties THQ Nordic has the rights to and how many games it has in the works, there could be any number of titles present there. A brief teaser trailer was released alongside the announcement, too, to remind THQ Nordic fans of the possibilities with the company saying that we'll get updates on known games during the event as well as totally new announcements.

As a refresher, THQ Nordic is part of Embracer Group, the massive holding group that owns Gearbox and much more. THQ Nordic itself has over 20 different studios operating as subsidiaries under it, so already you should start to get an idea of how many games could show up at an event like this. Biomutant and the Destroy All Humans games come from THQ Nordic as do many of the SpongeBob SquarePants games.

In terms of what'll actually be at the event, we know for sure that games like Outcast 2, Trine 5, and Alone in the Dark will be present at the event. The teaser trailer below offered a bit more with snippets of gameplay shown off from THQ Nordic's games.

While the full list of games won't be announced, there are two in particular that people should tune in for since they might make an appearance there. One of those is AEW Fight Forever, the wrestling game featuring AEW entertainers that'll go up against the WWE series for the first time this year. That game doesn't have a release date, though we've gotten periodic updates from the creators and those involved with AEW regarding when the game might release.

Separate from that game, there's also the untitled South Park game which was announced last year. Given that it was announced in August 2022 and this showcase will be right around a year away from that, it seems like a prime time to finally show off more of what direction this game will take.

The THQ Nordic Digital Showcase event for this year will take place on August 11th.