'The Witcher' Spin-off Game 'Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales' Now Available on Steam

For The Witcher fans that are looking to explore even more of the incredible lore that CD Projekt [...]

For The Witcher fans that are looking to explore even more of the incredible lore that CD Projekt RED has to offer, there's good news! The spin-off game Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales is now available on Steam and ready to be enjoyed!

The latest role-playing adventure offers a world that is heavily driven by an immersive and titillating narrative, while also offering a unique puzzle experience as well for those craving a challenge of the mind. Since this game is technically a spin-off from GWENT, you can expect card play as well.

Thronebreaker gives gamers what so many of us love from adventures like Divinity, Pillars, and many other tabletop-inspired journeys. The drastically different gameplay mechanics from what we're used to seeing from this team makes it all the more exciting because it genuinely is a brand new adventure.

The latest adventure has been available on GOG since October 23, but now it's available on the Steam platform. It will also be making its way over onto the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on December 4th.

Interested in seeing why we gave a card game a perfect score? You can check out our in-depth review right here and see just how this is far more than just a simple mechanically-driven journey, this is an experience that no lore-lover should miss out on.

"Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales is a spin-off game within The Witcher universe that is heavily driven by an intense narrative while also offering up a familiar style for those that love pen-and-paper adventures. This unique card came is a single-player tale spun from GWENT that offers challenging puzzles, breathtaking characters, and a fight for the player's life," reads our full review.

"Make no mistake, this companion tale to GWENT stands very well on its own and the team over at CD Projekt RED has done an incredible job and providing a full-fledged RPG experience once more, though in a very different format that those have come to know through Geralt's journey. If the fact that this is a card game puts you off, abandon that idea right now because Thronebreaker goes above and beyond the genre and executed an immersive narrative flawlessly."