Top Gun: Maverick's Ending Recreated in Ace Combat 7

Top Gun: Maverick is the biggest movie of 2022 and many fans of the film have been trying to replicate the need for speed the movie gave them. One fan took to the skies in Ace Combat 7 to try and replicate the film's big mission toward the end of the movie. The Ace Combat series is known for being a pretty rich fighter jet series, allowing players to take control over a number of planes and complete intense, bombastic missions. Although the series is quite different from Top Gun thanks to how seriously it takes its own story, it is one of the best experiences one can have in a video game when it comes to flying jets and taking down enemy aircraft.

At the end of Top Gun: Maverick, Maverick and his team are tasked with flying through a tight valley at low altitude to stealthily get to a facility hosting an unsanctioned uranium enrichment plant. The team must fly through the valley at high speeds, making dangerous turns and maneuvers to get to the target in under several minutes. It's pretty intense and is a big highlight of the film, so YouTuber DCHOU tried to replicate it in an Ace Combat 7 mission. The mission takes place at night and sees the player flying through a canyon while also having to quickly stay out of view of spotlights to get to a base of some kind on the other side. As DCHOU is exiting the canyon, they do an inverted turn, just like in the film, and begin firing rockets. 

Although there's no high-G climb in or out of the base, it is a pretty close replication, particularly thanks to music from the movie's soundtrack. Top Gun: Maverick has made over a billion dollars, making it the highest grossing film of 2022 thus far and the second movie to make a billion since the pandemic. It has been a tremendous success and Tom Cruise has already had conversations about a third film in the series. Given the success, it seems likely a Top Gun 3 will happen, but nothing is certain as it took 36 years to get Maverick made.

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