Twitter Boss Elon Musk Reveals More Changes to New Verification Changes

Twitter is making big changes to its verification system once again. At the end of October, Elon Musk took full control of Twitter and began to make major changes to the platform. Perhaps the biggest one was that he laid off half of the staff and then proceeded to confirm that Twitter Blue would be getting a big overhaul. The new $8 subscription service would allow people to pay for a blue checkmark, previously used to signify that an account belonged to a celebrity, company, or other noteworthy entity. Of course, as soon as people got their hands on it, they began impersonating people and companies. Musk then stated that these accounts would not be allowed unless they clearly stated they were parody, but even then, people were still getting banned.

Nevertheless, Twitter Blue was eventually taken down so the company could work out various issues with the system. Musk told users on Twitter that they were planning on bringing the system back next Friday with some revisions. Most notably, all verified accounts will need to be manually checked and proved before the checkmark is activated on their profile. From there, these accounts will have unique badges depending on who they are. Companies will have gold checkmarks, government official will have grey checkmarks, and everyone else including celebrities will have blue checkmarks. The $8 requirement will still be in place for verification, but users can also have a secondary logo that states the organization they belong to if the organization verifies them. A full, detailed breakdown of this new system is expected to be released next week ahead of its launch.

As of right now, it seems like Twitter's verification system is just getting more and more complicated. Perhaps it will be successful and result in a more unified, equal platform, but the frequent changes may mean this could all go away in a matter of weeks. Only time will tell, but December will mark the first full month users have had the new Twitter Blue. It will be interesting to see how many people renew their subscription and if it continues to grow.

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