Ubisoft Announces Project Q Game

Following a leak from earlier in the week that shared details about a new Ubisoft game, Ubisoft has officially acknowledged the existence of Project Q, a "team battle arena" experience. This reveal comes after not only details were shared online but also gameplay from this new game which Ubisoft said is in "early development." Signups have now been opened to give people a shot at testing Project Q whenever that opportunity is available to the public.

Ubisoft talked about the game on social media while vaguely acknowledging the leaks and reports from the past few days which discussed and showed off different parts of the game. Official details are limited at this time with Ubisoft only referring to it as a team battle arena game with "fun" being the "single goal in mind," but Ubisoft did clarify that this is not a battle royale game as some speculated.

There's a page that's been set up on Ubisoft's site for Project Q now, but it won't tell you any more than the tweets above do. Once there, you'll have the option of selecting the platform you're interested in playing this on and can then enter your Ubisoft account info to express interest. The current platforms listed on the stie are the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC with no mention of the Nintendo Switch to be found.

According to the information included in earlier reports about the game, the game modes mentioned by Ubisoft consist of one called "Showdown" and another called "Battle Zone." The former was equated to a battle royale mode initially with four teams of two players competing against each other even though Ubisoft said the game overall is not a battle royale experience. Battle Arena is supposed to be a more traditional arena shooter experience with two teams of four competing to get the winning amount of points first.

The key art for the game shared this week perhaps alludes to some character-specific abilities to set different picks apart from one another, but without details from Ubisoft to go off of, that's just speculation at this point.

In addition to offering signups to learn more about this game, Ubisoft did the same recently with Skull & Bones. Signups for that info are still available now with no new info offered since the opportunity was announced.