Valheim Delays Hearth & Home Update, Changes Roadmap

Valheim’s Iron Gate developers shared an update on the plans for the game’s future content [...]

Valheim's Iron Gate developers shared an update on the plans for the game's future content including the big Hearth & Home release. The developers said Hearth & Home will now be releasing in Q3 2021, a later than expected release window that was accompanied by some previews of the update's contents. Following this delay, the roadmap for Valheim content is similarly being updated to better reflect the schedule for future releases.

Iron Gate never gave a more specific release window for Hearth & Home previously beyond some time in 2021, but the fact that the developers said they are "now planning to launch Hearth & Home in Q3 2021" confirms that whatever the internal expectations were for Hearth & Home, those won't be fulfilled. Instead, players can expect the update to launch sometime before October.

With the plans for Hearth & Home now shifted, the plans for the rest of the game's content after that update are now in flux, too. Iron Gate said it'd be taking down the roadmap to revise it so that players have a better idea of when to expect new content beyond Hearth & Home. The roadmap previously said there'd be four major updates in 2021 with Hearth & Home being the first of them, but that's obviously not happening now.

Providing some explanation for the delay of Hearth & Home, Iron Gate said it wasn't prepared for the number of players Valheim attracted and that the full focus on the update didn't happen until last month.

"We weren't prepared for such a large influx of players, and this highlighted a thousand new problems and bugs that needed to be fixed urgently," the Iron Gate team said. "Our priority has been to make the current experience as stable as possible and this has meant new content has taken a backseat. To put it clearly; we haven't been able to focus all of our resources on Hearth & Home until May."

To help hold players over until the update is actually released in the next couple of months, Iron Gate shared some previews of different parts of the Hearth & Home update. New cooking station extensions, roofs made of darkwood, and new foods for players to consume were just a few of the things described and previewed through images seen in the post above.

Valheim's Hearth & Home update will released some time during Q3 2021.