Valorant Hit Registration Issues Are Being Fixed

Valorant players have been reporting issues with hit registration issues in Riot Gamesclosed beta for the FPS over the course of the past week or so, and Riot said it’s aware of the problems and is working on a fix. Riot said after initially acknowledging the complaints that some problems had been isolated including at least one confirmed hit registration bug that impacted certain players. A number of other issues compounded to make shots feel quite off for some players, and Riot said it’s working on “chasing down all of these things now” to correct the problems.

The latest from Riot on Valorant’s hit registration problems was shared through the game’s official Twitter account. Riot thanked players for the reports that they’d been submitting about the game’s hit reg problems and went into detail about some of the issues that were found.

Combining the hit reg bug with other changes and Riot said it created a “perfect storm of issues,” but with those issues being worked on, players hopefully won’t have to deal with them for too much longer.

In related Valorant news, players also won’t have to deal with quite as many cheaters in the game now and in the future since cheaters are continually being banned. Another ban wave that went out recently just took care of 1,600 more cheaters and also took aim at those players’ future accounts as well, so even if they try and get back into the game, they’ll find that their next accounts are subsequently banned, too.

The game’s been getting updates routinely during the closed beta period, so expect the hit reg problems to be fixed in one of those if the solution isn’t rolled out in a smaller standalone update before that.

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