Valorant Closed Beta Access: How to Get In

Valorant, Riot Games' new 5v5 tactical shooter, has been in closed beta for some time now, but figuring out how to get a closed beta key for the video game isn't a totally seamless process. It's a simple one in that it doesn't take much effort on players' parts to get into Valorant, but it is absolutely a waiting game. To actually get into the Valorant closed beta, you'll need a Riot Games account, a Twitch account, time on your hands to watch Valorant streams, and a good portion of luck as well.

To start your journey, create your Twitch and Riot Games accounts. If you've got those already from watching people stream on Twitch or playing games like League of Legends, you've got that step taken care of already. The next phase in the Valorant beta process is to link those together and then tune into Valorant streams. Beta keys are released as Twitch Drops from those streams, so watching them is all you need to do to gain access.

Below you'll find the step-by-step process for getting into the Valorant beta along with links for each action you need to take.

  1. Register for a Riot Games account
  2. Register for a Twitch account
  3. Link your Twitch and Riot Games accounts
  4. Watch streamers who are playing Valorant

As other players can attest to, it can be frustrating to be tuning into Valorant streams and not get a beta key right away or as quickly as you want to. Riot said in the past that it only takes around two hours of Valorant viewership to become eligible for a key, so while watching more than that won't necessarily improve your odds, it'll help prepare you for the game when you finally gain access. Newcomers trying to get into the game will at least have it easier than those who started towards the time the beta opened since all Valorant streams have a chance to drop keys now which means you can watch any Valorant streamer to gain access regardless of how popular they are.


Interest in the game combined with the keys being tied to Twitch streams have caused the game to soar in popularity on the streaming platform. It reached well over a million viewers around the first weekend it launched. Cheaters and account sellers are being banned already though, so whenever you do get a Valorant key, don't do anything to mess it up.

Valorant's closed beta is ongoing and doesn't yet have an end date.