Valorant Patch Notes Released, Here's What's New

Valorant just got a new update that affects some of the game’s more popular Agents, paves the [...]

Valorant just got a new update that affects some of the game's more popular Agents, paves the way for the game's ranked environment, and adds an option to surrender when you're pretty sure there's no coming back from a match. The update released on Tuesday is the second big patch following the game's full release and aside from the changes mentioned above, it also adjusted some aspects of the HUD and different maps as well as some of the game modes. This patch follows another released exactly two weeks ago that included more Agent updates and additional updates for the game's Spike Rush mode.

Riot Games said Valorant's competitive mode isn't live now but will be turned on at some point during this patch. When it is turned on, players will notice that the top-level rank is now called "Radiant" instead of "Valorant." Players pointed out previously when the ranked plans were outlined that having the highest level of the competitive ladder share the same name as the game would be confusing.

Below you'll find a rundown of some of the biggest changes from the patch notes including adjustments for Agents, one weapon, and details about the competitive mode. For the full patch notes detailing everything from the highlights to the bugfixes and those that require visuals like map changes, you can visit Valorant's site.

Agent Updates


  • Toxic Screen now burns through walls, placing emitters at all valid locations (e.g., the ground) over its length
  • Snake Bite, taking damage will make a player fragile for a short time
  • Fragile is a debuff that increases damage taken
  • Poison Orb activation cooldown increased :: .5s >>> 6s


  • Blade Storm now refreshes when used to kill Phoenix during Run It Back


  • Soul Orbs are now spawned when Reyna kills Phoenix during Run It Back.


  • Fixed an issue where Spycam blocked Spike defusal
  • Fixed an issue where players could place a Cyber Cage on a Trapwire
  • Added prevention for Spycam going through teleporter doors on Bind when placed on the frame from the outside

Smoke Tuning

  • Adjusted tuning around screen effects when exiting and entering smokes
    • Decreased blind "falloff" value
    • Decreased nearsighted intensity

Weapon Updates

Bucky (right-click)

  • Crouch-walking accuracy: 3.45 >>> 4.1
  • Walk accuracy 6.4 >>> 4.4
  • Run Accuracy 3.5 >>> 6.4

Competitive Mode Update

  • Competitive Mode will be made available during this patch, changes since closed beta:
    • Updated rank iconography.
    • New name for top rank: Radiant
    • Expanded skill disparity range for playing with friends in rank placements

Mode Updates

Spike Rush

  • New Orb Type - Tracer Orb
    • Team-wide buff that grants 2x wall penetration and reveals enemies for .75s when they are hit
    • Duration: Entire round
  • Speed Boost changed to Combat Stim
    • Movement speed and durations unchanged
    • Reload time decreased by 30%
    • Weapon draw time decreased by 30%
    • Spread recovery time decreased by 30%
    • Rate of Fire increased by 30%
    • Jump force increased by 25%
  • Plague Orb now shares a pool with Paranoia Orb
    • Only one of these will be chosen per game
    • Only one Plague Orb can spawn per round
    • Health reduction decreased from 90 to 50
  • Deception Orb now shares a pool with Plague Orb
    • Only one of these will be chosen per game
    • Only one Deception Orb can spawn per round
    • Duration decreased from 10s to 8s (now matches Plague Orb)
    • Tunnel vision decreased by 20% (meaning you see more on your screen)

Practice Mode

  • Reyna: Killing practice bots now properly spawns Soul Orbs
  • Jett: Killing practice bots now properly refreshes Blade Storm

Valorant is now available on the PC as a free-to-play game.