Venom May Not Be In Spider-Man PS4 After All

Back in late spring, we reported a story talking about how Insomniac games was teasing the [...]


Back in late spring, we reported a story talking about how Insomniac games was teasing the appearance of Venom in its forthcoming Spider-Man game for PlayStation 4. And it just makes sense, since he's getting a big-screen outing later this fall and that could incorporate all kinds of tie-ins with the game.

But now a new report suggests that we may not see Eddie Brock or his symbiote counterpart in the game after all.

This comes in the form of a tweet sent out by Jacinda Chew, who works as art director on the forthcoming project. A fan recently asked just how big Venom will be within the game, and Chew's response was...interesting.

"Too big to fit into #SpidermanPS4," she noted. You can see the tweet in full below.

It appears that the game will already have a who's who of villains included, such as the Sinister Six alongside a yet-to-be-officially-confirmed sixth villain, who may or may not be (SPOILER) Doctor Octopus. So maybe cramming Venom on top of all that might have been a bit much for the team.

That's not to say the decision is final tho. There's always a chance that Eddie's story could be added via side DLC following the game's release, as Insomniac hasn't broken down any post-release plans for Spider-Man just yet. Not to mention a sequel down the road…

But for now, Spidey's got a lot of fresh blood to battle with the likes of Rhino, Vulture, Electro, Mr. Negative, Scorpion and whomever this mysterious character is. And who knows, Kingpin might just stop by and pick a fight if he can get out of jail.

If you haven't checked out our hands-on impressions with the game just yet, head on over and take a look. It details just how exciting the game can be, even without our favorite symbiote.

But we know Venom fans are a bit bummed. Thankfully, at least there's the movie, which is set to arrive in early October.

Spider-Man releases on September 7 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro.