Video Game Playing Microwave Created By YouTube Visionary

Is there anything more excruciating than the two minutes you spend in front of the microwave [...]

Is there anything more excruciating than the two minutes you spend in front of the microwave waiting for your Hot Pocket to warm up? Time and space starts to bend – you feel like you've been there 10 minutes, then look at the timer and realize it's been 10 seconds. Sure, you could go do other things while your burrito rotates, but you don't. You just stand there and stare as your stomach eats itself.

Wouldn't it be great if your microwave could entertain you while you wait? If it gave you, say, a video game to distract you from your growling innards? Well, good news! YouTube inventor, stuntman and raconteur Colin Furze has made that a reality with his microwave-gaming console hybrid, the Play-O-Wave. Heating your sad lunch will never be the same again!

Furze builds a video screen onto the oven's door, which isn't easy, as a microwave's various rays and whatnot tend to mess with other electronics. He then adds a component video input, so you can hook up any old-school video game machine and play while you wait! Furze tests the Play-O-Wave with a cheapo all-in-one video game system, but, presumably, you could hook an SNES, Sega Genesis, Wii or any other classic console. Oh, and yes, you can play games while something is cooking. Furze tests the functionality with a peanut butter-covered onion, because sure, why not?

This is all for YouTube laughs, but I would totally buy a gaming microwave if an electronics manufacturer actually put one in stores. Does everything need a screen? No, but microwaves are practically crying out for one. Come on, who doesn't want to play BurgerTime while warming up some Hamburger Helper?

You can check out more of Colin Furze's wacky inventions, right here.