This Epic Arcade Cabinet is Actually a Steam Link Mod

Gamers make some really cool modifications - whether it's turning one platform into something else [...]


Gamers make some really cool modifications - whether it's turning one platform into something else entirely, or just modding in-game content; the creative limit is, well, limitless! Like this Arcade Cabinet that has an incredibly sleek design - it's actually a Steam Link machine! What better way to play the upcoming Dragon Ball FighterZ fighting game than with this awesome set up?

Imgur user Inferno156 took to the popular website to show off his latest creation, "I wanted to build an arcade, but wanted to do something different than the RetroPie bartop arcades I see everywhere. So I designed "The Steam Engine Arcade" to run on a Steam Link (Purchased for $5 during the winter sale) and let my gaming PC do the work. It came out even better than I'd hoped and I had to share."

He even provided step by step details on its creation, with the final result showing off that the hard work is worth it!


"Here is the rendering (a.k.a. The goal) that I built in Fusion 360. Originally it was not going to have a drawer. However, after playing around with measurements on a cardboard mockup, I decided it would be too much eye strain if you stood that close. However I still wanted the slim profile, so the drawer feature was added (plus CUPHOLDER BONUS)."

He then began the work, cutting up the appropriate pieces and began to assemble! The process of creation was incredibly detailed, so to save you time we're not going to go over every little step. For those interested, step-by-step instructions - including pictures - can be found here.

The final result is stunning, and he even shows off a few GIF sets to see it in action.

Throughout the process, this user also talked about how to smoothen the edges to make them look refined, how to properly ventilate, and how to make sure everything is fully functional without putting the Steam Link at risk. Overall, the creation is really impressive and though I don't personally have a Steam Link - I kind of really want one now just to try this out!