Warhammer+ Streaming App Announced

Warhammer is getting its own streaming service. Earlier today, Games Workshop announced [...]

Warhammer is getting its own streaming service. Earlier today, Games Workshop announced Warhammer+, a new app that will serve as the home for a slate of new Warhammer-related animated content. Details about the exact nature of Warhammer+ were vague - Games Workshop described it as a "bespoke app created by a big name in VOD content" that can be used on tablets and apps and can be streamed to TVs. Warhammer+ will serve as the home to a full slate of upcoming Warhammer animated projects, including Angels of Death, Hammer and Bolter, and The Exodite, all of which have some sort of previews available online. Notably, the animated projects include stories set in the worlds of both Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer: Age of Sigmar, indicating that Games Workshop is trying to build awareness about more than its flagship game. More information about the Warhammer+ app will be released on June 23rd.

A sizzle reel showing off the various projects were also released, which can be viewed up above.

As part of the announcement, Games Workshop released the first five minutes of Angels of Death, which will focus on a group of Blood Angels. The project's full description reads: "Battered by warp storms, a small band of Blood Angels find safe harbour above an isolated world. All is not as it seems though, and soon the scions of Sanguinius have fresh foes to contend with." You can check out the preview here.

While the worlds of Warhammer have always had a presence in video games and tabletop games, Games Workshop has seemingly been building towards other forms of media for some time. Games Workshop announced plans for an Eisenhorn TV series back in 2019, followed by the announcement of the aforementioned Angels of Death animated series. It was presumed that one or both of those projects would end up on a bigger streaming app given their need for more content, but it seems that Games Workshop is banking that fans will want access to these shows enough on a standalone service. The big question is whether the Warhammer+ app will come with any other perks, such as a subscription service for the company's continuous stream of rulebooks or perhaps access to the fabled Black Library, the publishing arm for Warhammer's line of fiction novels.