WB Games Hiring to Expand DC Universe

For months now rumors have been stirring about a mysterious new project in the works at WB [...]

For months now rumors have been stirring about a mysterious new project in the works at WB Montreal which, as I'm sure many of you know, is the studio responsible for Batman: Arkham Origins, one of the best Batman games ever made. Details on the new game (or games) and their development have been nonexistent, and we've been dying for official confirmation that things are actually coming along. Today, we finally got a little bit of official encouragement from the official WB Games Montreal Facebook page:

The post indicates that development on a project is under way, but the fact that the studio is still hiring a Technical Director means that it's likely very early on in its development. The Technical Director typically oversees many of the smaller teams that work on various aspects of presentation and production, often times even hiring key staff, so the lack of a Technical Director may mean that this project isn't yet firing on all cylinders.

This is strange, and for many of you maybe a bit discouraging, since we've had so many specific rumors about WB's next DC game floating around for months now. Back in November of 2016 we heard a rumor that WB's new game would feature Damien Wayne as a protagonist and make some key breaks from the Arkham trilogy. One mysterious source gave us a few brief points of interest, describing the game like this:

  • 10 years in the future (I think our future from 10 years now, not quite Batman Beyond)
  • Bruce is old and has a beard
  • harness on his leg
  • uses a walking stick
  • is mentoring Damian Wayne to be the new Batman
  • Damian has a Batbike
  • lots of great characters and also new ones, lot's or redesigns, like Black Mask being a
  • female
  • Dick's in it, has a shaved head
  • some other villains are Flamingo, Poison Ivy and White Rabbit(old, looks like a granny)

Is this the same project, or just the musings of a bored DC fan looking for some online attention? Only time will tell. We'll keep our ear to the ground and let you know if we're able to cop any official details soon.