Wendy's Created an Entire World of Super Mario Maker 2 Levels

More than just one level, we made a whole world #SMM2 pic.twitter.com/BG7h7n5ltb— Wendy's [...]

Not to be outdone on social media by a competing brand, Wendy's has created not just one Super Mario Maker 2 level but an entire world of them for players to attempt. Sharing a tweet with an image that shows a map of what it calls "Super Wendy's World," the fast food company gave its fans codes for trying out six different Wendy's-themed levels. They're all playable in full if you've got Super Mario Maker 2, and all you have to do to try them is enter the codes below.

"Super Wendy's World" has six different levels that are named after various products or slogans from Wendy's, according to the list of playable levels which was shared with the image below. In case the codes were hard to see, Wendy's followed up the tweet with another that lays them out more plainly so that you can easily access them. Frosties, chicken nuggs, and other Wendy's-related things make up the names of the levels.

Proving its social media marketing dominance once again, Wendy's capped the Super Mario Maker 2 announcement off with a code to use if you're actually planning on ordering some food from them.

The creation of these Super Mario Maker 2 levels appears to be a response to a similar tactic from Arby's who did this first. Arby's created just one level which people promptly played through and found that the company had spelled out its name and slogan in coins within the level. These levels from Wendy's apparently do the same, though we haven't played through them yet to confirm that. The response seemed inevitable given how active Wendy's is on social media, not to mention the fact that people were calling them out right when Arby's published its level.

Super Mario Maker 2 is now available for the Nintendo Switch.