Why You Should Keep Gale's Hand as The Dark Urge in Baldur's Gate 3

And we're not talking about his hand in marriage, btw.

This articles contains spoilers for the Dark Urge storyline in Baldur's Gate 3.

If you're not already aware, opting to experience Baldur's Gate 3 as the Dark Urge is a fantastic decision if you can stomach the Urges the Origin character's name implies. Opting to go this route in the game results in deeper, more complex lore than your standard custom character, providing multiple additional types of gameplay experiences simply by having this background. You'll notice differences immediately, from the Narrator's comments about your mental state when you awaken on the Nautiloid to waking up on the beach, the Dark Urge presents many additional layers to an already complex game.

These differences carry over to how companions perceive you, of course, and can even make changes to how you initially approach potential party members. One such change is upon meeting Gale of Waterdeep while the wizard is stuck in the portal, and upon his hand reaching out for help you're given the option to "Fantasize about hacking off the hand." If you've given into this particular dark urge, Gale's hand could be...well, handy to keep around for Act 3, so consider keeping it in your possession one way or another.

Why Would I Want To Carry Around A Hand?

Well, for one, it does just kind of seem in-character for something the Dark Urge would do, right? If you've already made it to Act 3 at any point since the game's release, whether as the Dark Urge or not, to face Orin the Red, you know the Bhaal Temple has a rather...particular way of decorating their space. From a roleplaying standpoint it kind of just makes sense that the Dark Urge would carry around something as interesting as the decaying hand of a wizard, the former chosen of the goddess Mystra no less.

Beyond the roleplaying aspect and the fact it's simply entertaining to occasionally open your inventory to "Gale's Severed Hand," it's actually quite useful to keep around to use later in the game. In Act 3, you can trigger a sub-quest from the main quest to get Orin's Netherstone called "Impress the Murder Tribunal." If you're playing as the Dark Urge this optional sub-quest doubles as sort of an extremely messed up family reunion, as Sarevok Anchev is at the head of the Murder Tribunal and is familiar with the player character due to both of them being Bhaalspawn, though Sarevok notes the Dark Urge is the "purest" of them.

To note, Orin the Red is both the Dark Urge's "sibling" as they are both Bhaalspawn and Sarevok's daughter and granddaughter simultaneously, and since Sarevok is a Bhaalspawn as well this also makes the Dark Urge Orin's uncle. Basically, there are some really weird things going on with Bhaalists, but I don't think there are enough words available to get into that right now. Because you're blood as the Dark Urge you don't have to impress them and your status as the former leader of the cult is enough, but you can choose to do so anyway and you should if you want to add in an additional cinematic.

One way or another you'll need a hand in order to impress the Murder Tribunal, and while the game offers you plenty of different ways to get a severed hand in your possession it's certainly the easiest method to just hack Gale's hand off at the beginning and carry it with you to this point. Not only is this route incredibly straightforward, as mentioned you get an additional cinematic featuring whomever the hand belongs to.

As playing as the Dark Urge is the only way you'll be able to present Gale's hand, if you want to see every cutscene the game has to offer for the Wizard of Waterdeep this is a path you'll have to be patient enough to walk down. Plus, it's a severed hand, so it's not exactly contributing heavily to the amount you're carrying in a way that will inconvenience you, and Patch 7 will introduce additional evil endings when it releases, so that's even more new content to experience. 

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