Changes Coming To Baldur's Gate 3 Include Evil Endings, Modding Tools, And More

Will we truly be able to fulfill the Dark Urge's desire to build a castle of bones in the next Baldur's Gate 3 patch?

Larian Studios is moving on from Dungeons & Dragons for future releases, of which there are reportedly two in-development, and while Baldur's Gate 3 won't receive any DLCs that doesn't mean the studio is completely finished with the game that is currently hot on the trails of being the first game to win all five major Game of the Year awards. To bask in the positivity of such a monumental feat, Larian has shared a community update for Baldur's Gate 3 that promises plenty of new and exciting things coming to the game in the future.

The post also shares the studio's gratitude toward all of the players that have experienced BG3, stating "You folks were the first to have faith in us, and for that, we are eternally grateful. Every comment, livestream, meme, and piece of art you created throughout Baldur's Gate 3's development let us know we were on to something special long before any of this. Awards are of course appreciated, but it's this community that has been the true source of our resilience while we were making this game. Whether you've been active since the halcyon days of the Astarion body pillow or are a long-time veteran of Early Access; whether you've participated in our Panel From Hell livestreams or discovered the game after launch, thank you for supporting Baldur's Gate 3 and helping to nurture this community of wonderful weirdos. It's meant the world to us."

The Future of Baldur's Gate 3

The next big update is Patch 7, which will bring with it several exciting additions to further the multitude of experiences players are able to have throughout the game. The first change of note to mention is the addition of multiple new evil aligned endings, both for players experiencing as The Dark Urge and otherwise. This is something that has been consistently referenced in community boards following the game's full release last year, with players expressing a desire for more closure for their evil characters...especially since they're not invited to Withers' party.

The new cutscenes for these endings have also been scored by BAFTA-winning composer Borislav Slavov, a snippet of which can be heard in the video below.

Patch 7 will also fix several player reported bugs including Wyll's lackluster "romance" greetings, Narrator lines from the Gortash and Dark Urge confrontation that have mysteriously vanished, and much more. A full list of fixes will come when the patch is officially rolled out, though there was no specific timeline for this announced just yet. 

Continuing with the exciting announcements, Patch 7 will also begin to introduce modding tools to Baldur's Gate 3, allowing players to alter visuals, animations, sounds, stats, and more to manipulate the game into their specific vision. This will be exciting news for the entire BG3 community as it makes using mods overall more accessible, both in game function and by opening up the possibility of use to those playing on console.

BG3 is already an incredibly popular game to mod even before official modding tools are available, with about 7,000 available mods on Nexus ranking it with the likes of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Starfield, and Star Wars: Battlefront. The implementation of modding tools will undoubtedly skyrocket the amount of mods available for players to utilize to customize their game. There is a wide variety of mods available for BG3 including additional armor, appearance, race, and even class options in character creation, as well as mods that suggest scrapped companions, and much more. 

The community update also notes that Larian will continue working on bug fixes, performance enhancements, and stability improvements as time goes on. Additionally, modding tools won't be the last major change to Baldur's Gate 3, as the developer is "actively working" on bringing crossplay and photo mode to the game, though these capabilities will "likely be further down the road." Because Patch 7 (and onward) will address so many fixes and make multiple additions, Larian is also planning on listening to the game's community to a new degree by introducing internal playtesting ahead of releases, noting there will be a closed beta on PC (with more details to come on this in the future).

Will you experience mods on BG3 for the first time when Patch 7 releases, or do you already have a list of favorites as a PC player? Chat with me about the game on X @amazingspidrhan!