Live Geralt Hot Tub Stream Kicks Off WitcherCon

Hot tub streams have been one of the biggest fads on Twitch throughout 2021 and as of today, CD [...]

Hot tub streams have been one of the biggest fads on Twitch throughout 2021 and as of today, CD Projekt Red have decided to get in on the action for themselves. Prior to the first stream from WitcherCon, which is an event dedicated to all things related to The Witcher franchise, a pre-show stream has gone live on CD Projekt Red's channel which features Geralt doing nothing but sitting in a bathtub.

The stream, which is still live as of this writing, is meant to simply build up anticipation to the first stream of the day at WitcherCon which will go live at 1:00pm EST. In the interim, fans can simply watch Geralt (who is being portrayed in this instance by Maul Cosplay) chill in a bath while music plays in the background. There's not much else to the stream than that, but occasionally, Geralt will do move about in the tub or even grab himself some food to eat. At one point, he even put a pair of cucumbers over his eyes to truly ensure that he is pampering himself.

As a whole, this stream is meant to replicate a popular scene that appeared within The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The scene in question from the game sees Geralt appearing in a tub that looks quite similar to this with his feet kicked up in the air. Since that game was first released back in 2014, this image of Geralt sitting in a bath has become somewhat of a meme due to how silly it looks. Netflix's The Witcher TV series even made sure to include a scene in its first season that featured Geralt taking a bath as well.

While there are no major announcements to be had during this hot tub stream, it's a fun way to tide fans over until the real event starts quite soon. And if you can't watch everything that WitcherCon will have in-store today for yourself, be sure to stay tuned to our coverage here at as we'll be bringing you all of the latest news as it happens in real-time.