WizKids Announces Two New Huge Critical Role Figures

WizKids has announced plans to release two additional premium figures based on monsters from [...]

WizKids has announced plans to release two additional premium figures based on monsters from Critical Role. Later this year, WizKids will release premium figures based on Dieter the dragon turtle and the Ember Roc. Dieter made multiple appearances during the Mighty Nein campaign, with the creature chasing the Mighty Nein on several occasions. Ember Rocs are roc variants that originated from the Elemental Plane of Fire with a natural immunity to fire. Vox Machina fought an ember roc during their campaign against the Chroma Conclave. Notably, the Ember Roc was used as a mount by a fire giant.

The two new figures continue WizKids' line of Critical Role miniatures. Instead of releasing miniatures based on the actual heroes of Critical Role, WizKids has instead released miniatures of various NPCs, factions, and monsters that appear in the world of the popular tabletop gaming series. These miniatures were released as boxed sets and can be purchased at most board game stores, or directly from WizKids' website. WizKids previously released a premium figure based on the Udaak monster that wanders the wastes of Xhorhas.

Dieter will have a retail price of $79.99, while the Ember Roc figure will have a retail price of $89.99. Both figures will be pre-painted and will be released during 4Q 2021. Both figures are sized for use in standard tabletop grid play.

The two figures continue an impressive rollout of new Dungeons & Dragons miniatures and figures by WizKids over the last year. In addition to the company's line of Critical Role miniatures, WizKids has also released plans to make a replica version of the Wand of Orcus that is over 30 inches tall. WizKids is also releasing a wide slate of miniatures based on the upcoming Dungeons & Dragons adventure The Wild Beyond the Witchlight, as well as a statue based off of the cover image of the Fiend Folio. WizKids has also announced a new line of Archdevils miniatures, along with a $400 premium figure of the dragon goddess Tiamat.

You can purchase the Dieter and Ember Roc miniatures from board game stores in November.