Wordle Stats to Be Saved Through New York Times Account

The New York Times is moving to make your precious Wordle stats a lot harder to erase. One of the draws of Wordle, the popular word game owned by the New York Times, is the game's simple stat card that displays after a player solves (or fails to solve) a puzzle. Not only does the stat card show off your current streak of solved puzzles, it also shows a bar graph displaying your rate of success with how many guesses it took you to solve a puzzle. 

Historically, Wordle has used cookie settings to store stats, which comes with a few problems. Clearing your browser's cookies will erase your Wordle stat, and people who have been playing for a lengthier period of time have also complained that their stats have shifted. 

To address this, the New York Times has started to sync up players' Wordle stats to their New York Times account. This not only allows players to permanently save their stats to a single place, it will also allow players to play Wordle via any browser instead of having to use the same browser over and over again. The change started with some users today and will roll out to all players in the near future. 

Setting up a New York Times account is free and no subscription is required to sync up an account. The only downside is that Wordle players can only sync their stats once – players can't switch accounts once they've linked them together. 

The sync rollout has already started, so Wordle players can expect to see a notification pop up when they play in the coming days or weeks.