WWE 2K Teases Next Game and Reveals Announcement Date

WWE 2K20 was not the home run that 2K was hoping for, and after the not-so-warm reception and a [...]

WWE 2K20 was not the home run that 2K was hoping for, and after the not-so-warm reception and a hot of technical issues, they revealed that they would be taking some time between releases, and thus skipped what would have been 2K21. It's been radio silence for a bit with a small exception surrounding the Royal Rumble, but now we know when we'll get the long-awaited new details on the next game in the series, as 2K has revealed a special announcement will air during this weekend's WrestleMania 37.

As you can see in the video below, 2K revealed that the announcement will occur during WrestleMania, though they didn't actually say exactly when. The announcement reads "Tune into WrestleMania for a special announcement April 10 & 11 8E/5P, so if you want to get all the details, it looks like you'll need to watch the whole show on both nights.

Hopefully, the announcement will include not just the name of the new game but also the first look at it. 2K20 was a bit of a mixed bag graphically, as for every superstar that was spot on in regards to their likeness there was another who looked nothing like their superstar.

Seeing some footage or a few screenshots would help ease some fears, and then at that point, the next step would be to see some actual gameplay, so we'll just have to wait and see.

WWE 2K20 suffered from a host of bugs and glitches at launch, as well as issues with online play. Most of those were addressed in patches, but they caused some sizable holes in WWE's bottom line from that division, and many were happy to see 2K and Visual Concepts take some extra time in between titles to address more of the core issues and present a more polished project.

That said, the core gameplay was still fun and the story mode, focus on the Women's Revolution, and switched up DLC approach were all entertaining, so if those can return with even more polish and refinement, WWE 2K could be off to a great start in its return.

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