X-Men Arcade, Killer Instinct, Dragon's Lair, and More Announced by Arcade1Up

Now that CES 2021 is underway, Arcade1Up has unveiled a new slate of cabinets and titles that [...]

Now that CES 2021 is underway, Arcade1Up has unveiled a new slate of cabinets and titles that nostalgic gamers are sure to remember including classics such as X-Men, Dragon's Lair, Killer Instinct, and more. The classic X-Men arcade game will feature four-player action and will also be packed with another Marvel beat 'em up classic Captain America and the Avengers as well as the rare fighting game Avengers in Galactic Storm. The Killer Instinct cabinet will include both the first and second arcade games as well as the added bonus of Battletoads Arcade. And Dragon's Lair will include both the first and second games and spiritual sequel Space Ace.

Arcade1Up also announced a new line of titles they're calling Legacy Edition Arcade Cabinets, which will showcase classic games from CAPCOM, Atari, and Bandai. These cabinets are replicas of the original arcades released back in the day, with Capcom in the style of Street Fighter II, Bandai in the style of PacMan, and Atari in the style of Tempest. Unlike previous Arcade1Up releases, each of these cabinets will include 12 titles each, showcasing some of the best retro games from each publisher.

arcade1up x-men arcade dragons lair killer instinct
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Atari will get another release in a clever new package as Arcade1Up also confirmed their first-ever Pub Style head-to-head table. This is a four player, stand-up pub table where players can gather around to play games such as Pong, Pong Doubles, Tempest, and Super Breakout.

Arcade1Up has been delivering fan-favorite titles for the last few years, including NBA Jam, Marvel vs. Capcom, and Ms. PacMan in 2020 alone. And now they're branching out into tabletop with their Infinity Game Table which was funded through Kickstarter. And their line of pinball tables in partnership with Zen Studios are now being released, with Star Wars now available in stores and Marvel up for pre-orders.

ComicBook.com previously spoke with Robert Pellarin, the marketing manager for Arcade1Up's parent company Tastemakers, LLC, where he discussed the strategy for future titles from the company.

"A lot of what we do is trying to always... And I hate using the pun but, one up ourselves, so that always opens doors to a lot of different assets," said Pellarin. "Meaning that if the time were to arrive, that the licenser and the game would work perfectly with that sort of capability, we would be more than interested in pursuing it. On a technical aspect to that, as I've mentioned, we're always very keen to make sure that we're diligent within these processes to make sure similar to what we did with Big Buck Hunter and the light guns behind that. When we enter a new round via WiFi capability or light guns, whatever that new technology is, we want to make sure that we flush it out well before the community gets to see what it is."

All of these titles are expected to be released in 2021. Pre-orders for the cabinets will likely end up here at Best Buy in the coming days / weeks.

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