Arcade1Up Exec Wants to Team Up With Nintendo (Exclusive)

The popularity of Arcade1Up's home console kits are tied to the team's dedication to recreating [...]

The popularity of Arcade1Up's home console kits are tied to the team's dedication to recreating the experience of going to the arcade while preserving the gaming experience in each cabinet. They have faithfully re-released multiple fan-favorite titles including NBA Jam, Star Wars, Street Fighter, and Pac-Man, with more classics to come. But there's one partner that serves as their white whale, so to speak, and executives at the company are hopeful they'll have the opportunity to make some popular gaming titles available for fans in the near future: Nintendo.

While Nintendo is known for its consoles and first-party titles nowadays, they did create a number of arcade games, including classics such as Mario Bros., V.S. Duck Hunt, and of course Donkey Kong. Now it looks like Arcade1Up would love the opportunity to partner with Nintendo and release these cabinets for the masses, according to Tastemakers LLC's Marketing Director David McIntosh.

"We've been trying to get Nintendo for the longest time, so if you have any connections over there, you let us know. But for us, it's just been like we want to do Nintendo," McIntosh explained in an interview with "There's no reason not to. We have, I think it's eight or nine, I think it's nine out of 10 of the top arcade games of all time, and the 10th is the one we don't have, which is under Nintendo's IP. So that's been the one we've been really looking out for. The rest of them we either have secured the rights for and it's on its way or we've already done in the past all but Nintendo at this point."

Arcade1Up previously teased that more lightgun titles would also be possible after the release of Big Buck Hunter, hinting at games like Area 51 and The House of the Dead for future cabinets.

McIntosh said, "We're definitely, we're trying to capture the arcade experience at home, and there's no reason for us to not eventually rerelease all the classics. So if there's titles, some people are saying, 'Why haven't you released The House of the Dead? Where's Terminator? Where's Area 51?' And you know, just hang tight. This is our first time working on lightgun technology. We wanted to make sure that we did it right. But for those who are interested, the lightgun technology with Sinden, it is going to be groundbreaking for us."

Arcade1Up's latest cabinet was just released in stores, and fans can now order NBA Jam online.