Xbox Live Users Are Having Problems Logging In

This weekend, gamers around the country have been staying inside, and enjoying some of their [...]

This weekend, gamers around the country have been staying inside, and enjoying some of their favorite titles. As lawmakers encourage people to stay home and avoid large crowds during the coronavirus pandemic, many are turning to video games in order to unwind. Heck, Xbox boss Phil Spencer is even telling players to do just that, while talking up the social benefits of gaming. Unfortunately, it seems many Xbox players are having difficulty logging on and finding matches online. According to the official Xbox Support Twitter account, Microsoft is currently investigating the problem, and will update after it has been resolved.

It's certainly normal for these kinds of issues to occur, but the timing is also a bit unfortunate, given the way so many players are currently looking for a bit of escapism, and a way to relax in-doors. As of this writing, it's impossible to know if the problem might stem from increased strain due to the high number of players over the weekend, or if it's something else, entirely.

In a follow-up tweet, the Xbox Support account points out that they are also experiencing issues with the support website. Given that fact, it seems safe to assume that the problem might be afflicting more than just "some" users, as players are flooding the support website to report problems.

With many gamers using services like Xbox Live as a way to stay connected with friends and family during the current pandemic, it seems natural that some fans are a bit upset about the inconvenience. Microsoft has not offered any sort of time table on the fix, but with that said, Xbox One does offer a number of strong single-player titles that fans can enjoy in the meantime. Hopefully the company will get to the bottom of the problem sooner, rather than later.

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