New Xbox Series X "Console Wraps" Revealed

Xbox Series X consoles are about to become more stylish than ever before.

Microsoft has announced a new customization item known as "Console Wraps" for Xbox Series X platforms that will give the hardware a more unique visual flair. Over the past few years, Xbox competitor PlayStation has started to release a variety of "plates" for PS5 consoles that come in different colors and can be swapped out freely. These plates have ensured that PlayStation users don't have to buy pricey limited edition consoles to ensure that their unit looks a bit varied from the standard model. Now, Microsoft is releasing a similar product for Xbox Series X that will begin rolling out this fall. 

Unveiled on Xbox Wire today, Microsoft showed off these Console Wraps for the first time. As the name suggests, these accessories are designed to wrap around Xbox Series X consoles tightly to give the platform a certain thematic look. Currently, Microsoft has announced three Console Wrap variants, the most notable of which is tied to Bethesda's Starfield, which is Xbox's next major exclusive poised to release in early September. The other two Wraps are then camo-style and come in Arctic Camo and Mineral Camo designs. 

You can get a look at how these Console Wraps will interact with Xbox Series X devices in the video below:

"We know gamers want to be able to customize their consoles and show support for their favorite games, and we are delivering an option that's more affordable and more sustainable than purchasing a special edition or limited edition console," said Xbox's senior design director Monique Chatterjee. "The wraps were designed specifically for Series X and have a custom, precision fit. Every detail was taken into consideration to ensure your console performance is preserved– vents are all clear, and small feet were added to the bottom of the wraps to ensure air can flow freely through the console.  Made with solid core panels that are layered with high-tech fabric finishes, the wraps are folded around your console and secured with a hook and loop enclosure."

When it comes to the release and price of these Xbox Series X Wraps, the items will seemingly vary depending on the version you look to get. The Starfield Console Wrap is set to release on October 18 and will cost $49.99. The camo models will then retail for $44.99 and will launch a bit later on November 10. Pre-orders for all of these varying Console Wraps have begun today, though, and can be purchased through the Microsoft Store