Xbox Series X Reveals Specs and Multiple New Features

Today, Xbox boss Phil Spencer revealed and detailed the feature set of the Xbox Series X, plus [...]

Today, Xbox boss Phil Spencer revealed and detailed the feature set of the Xbox Series X, plus what type of specs the next-gen Xbox is packing. For the most part, everything Spencer has revealed lines up with what Microsoft has previously hinted at about the console or what leaks have been saying about the system for months. The console will notably be working with 12 teraflops, which is more than what Google Stadia launched with last year. Meanwhile, features wise, it will have quick resume and cross-buy for some games.

For the full, highly detailed breakdown of every new feature and spec revealed and detailed today by Microsoft, click here. Meanwhile, if you're looking simply for a quick rundown of what the aforementioned link goes into great detail about, keep scrolling.

  • 12 Teraflops
  • Variable Rate Shading
  • DirectX RayTracing (hardware side)
  • Quick resume for multiple games
    • The new Quick Resume feature lets players continue multiple games from a suspend stat almost instantly with no long loading screens.
  • Smart Delivery
    • "This technology empowers you to buy a game once and know that – whether you are playing it on Xbox One or Xbox Series X – you are getting the right version of that game on whatever Xbox you're playing on," writes Spencer of this feature. "We're making the commitment to use Smart Delivery on all our exclusive Xbox Game Studios titles, including Halo Infinite, ensuring you only have to purchase a title once in order to play the best available version for whichever Xbox console they choose to play on. This technology is available for all developers and publishers, and they can choose to use it for titles that will be release on Xbox One first and come to the Xbox Series X later."
  • Next-gen SSD
  • HDMI 2.1 support
  • Dynamic Latency Input
  • Backwards compatible with Xbox, Xbox One, and Xbox 360.

"Xbox Series X is our fastest, most powerful console ever, designed for a console generation that has you at its center," writes Spencer of the console. "This means a high-fidelity gaming experience enclosed in a quiet and bold design, with the ability to discover thousands of games across four generations, all with more playing and less waiting."

The Xbox Series X is poised to release sometime later this year during the holiday season. For more coverage -- including recent news, rumors, and leaks -- on the console, click here.