Xbox Series X Price Possibly Leaked

The Xbox Series X price has possibly leaked. This week, Microsoft confirmed the next Xbox console will release sometime this November. In other words, it will release either on November 6, November 13, or November 20, as it will certainly release on a Friday, but before Black Friday and Cyber Monday. That said, while we now have the narrowest release window for the console yet, there's still no word of a price point, and the rumors are we won't hear about the cost of the next-gen machine until September.

As for the new leak, it comes way of an upcoming Halo Infinite x Monster Energy Drink promotion. The promotion doesn't kick off until September 1, but details on it have already been revealed. Part of the promotion includes Monster Energy giving away 200 prizes that consist of a copy of Halo Infinite and an Xbox Series X console.

For the promotion, Monster divulges that the total ARV of the entire prize pool is $119,998. This means -- via some quick math -- that each prize is worth $599.99. Now, Monster notes the MSRP for the next-gen Xbox console hasn't been revealed yet. That said, it's hard to ignore the estimated value of each prize, especially when it's in the expected price range of the console. Assuming Halo Infinite is a freebie, this would suggest the console is $600, or maybe $550 if Monster and Microsoft aren't absorbing all the cost of each copy of Halo Infinite.

Again, Monster Energy insists the price of the Xbox Series X hasn't been revealed yet. In other words, it's begging for Xbox fans not to look into this too much, but that's exactly what many are doing.

Officially, Xbox Series X is set to release sometime this November at an unknown price point. For more coverage on the Xbox Series X, and everything related to it, click here or check out the relevant links below:


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