Xbox Series S Confirmed in Massive New Microsoft Leak

A massive new Xbox leak has confirmed the existence of the Xbox Series S, a companion console to the Xbox Series X that is supposedly less powerful in favor of being cheaper. The leak comes way of an official Xbox Series X white controller package, which not only reveals the white model of the next-gen Xbox controller but also makes mention of the Xbox Series S, which will presumably be white to differentiate itself from its more powerful counterpart. It's also possible both consoles will be available in both white and space grey. Unfortunately, for now, there's no way of knowing what exactly this leak confirms beyond that the rumors were true: Microsoft is approaching the next-generation of gaming with two consoles.

The packaging for the controller doesn't provide any details on the Xbox Series S, but simply makes reference to it next to the Xbox Series X. As for the leak itself, it comes way of a source with an unknown history of reliability, but it has since been validated by industry insider and Venture Beat reporter Jeff Grubb, who teased that the console will be revealed in the next two to three weeks.

Unfortunately, this is where the salient information ends. That said, you can check out the leak for yourself below, courtesy of TinyRaken:

Of course, like every leak before it, this should be taken with a grain of salt. While this has been validated by reliable sources and while it passes the sniff test, nothing here is official. And at the moment of publishing, Microsoft has not provided a comment on the leak, leaving Xbox fans with nothing but reported information.


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