Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S Players Can Now Create Their Own Custom Controllers

While PlayStation might have just released two new PS5 DualSense controllers merely a week ago, [...]

While PlayStation might have just released two new PS5 DualSense controllers merely a week ago, Xbox today revealed that it's bringing back its fan-favorite controller design program that will allow customers to create their very own controllers. Although this program was shuttered near the tail end of the Xbox One era, Microsoft revealed today that it's bringing back the service right now for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S users.

The return of Xbox Design Lab (which is what this controller customization program is called) was announced today as part of the Xbox Games Showcase Extended. The team at Xbox revealed that this service would be returning after being shut down last fall through the advent of a new trailer. It then took the time to show off many of the custom controllers that fans could make for themselves, including some that were created to look like popular Xbox titles such as Psychonauts 2 and Grounded.

"See where inspiration takes you with the return of Xbox Design Lab," Xbox said in an accompanying description talking about the return of this program. "Customize the features of the new Xbox Wireless Controller, including the hybrid D-pad, textured triggers, quick-access Share button, and more for a personalized controller that's uniquely yours."

If you're someone who is looking to use Xbox Design Lab right this moment, the store page is actively live and can be visited right here. And even if you aren't going to end up completing the purchasing process, Design Lab allows you to at least play around with the customization tools on its site to let you create your own unique controller. If you do decide to buy a controller, though, they'll each retail for $69.99. Shipping for these custom controllers is also expected to happen at some point in July.

So what do you think about the return of Xbox Design Lab? Are you going to look to create your own custom controller for your own Xbox Series X or Xbox Series X console? Let me know either down in the comments or hit me up on Twitter at @MooreMan12.