xQc Comments on Cheating Following QTCinderella Schooled Controversy

Cheating tends to be a hot button topic in gaming, but sometimes it's difficult to prove whether [...]

Cheating tends to be a hot button topic in gaming, but sometimes it's difficult to prove whether it happened. Twitch Streamer QTCinderella recently appeared on Mizkif's Schooled, and some accused her of changing her answers based on what viewers were posting in the chat. QTCinderella happens to be dating streamer Ludwig Ahgren, who called the accusations "crazy." In a Just Chatting session, Felix "xQc" Lengyel decided to weigh in on the controversy. The streamer claimed that he makes a concerted effort to take away any possibility of cheating to avoid similar accusations, and chat can be considered a form of cheating.

"This is my real true take about this," said xQc. "This is why, whenever we start playing Among Us or other games, whatever – or any games at all like this. It's why I always make an effort to close the monitor. Why? Because I believe that cheating is black and white. It's not really a grey area, right? Either you cheat or you don't cheat. Whether you cheat a little bit with chat, or a little bit with emotes or whether you meta game a little bit... you're all in [the] black dude. That's kind of how it is."

xQc was quick to say that he isn't trying to trash Ludwig or Mizkif. However, it's clear that the streamer has a strong opinion on what constitutes cheating, and exactly what should be allowed. It's worth noting that the streamer has been similarly accused of cheating in the past. Back in November, xQc received a temporary ban from Twitch and Twitch Rivals when he was caught stream sniping during GlitchCon. The streamer admitted to doing it, claiming that he "thought it would be funny." While it didn't seem to give him an advantage, it was still a clear violation of the rules, and he was forced to forfeit the prize money, as a result.

It's impossible to say for certain whether or not QTCinderella actually was using the comments in the stream to gain an advantage. Regardless, she might consider taking xQc's advice next time to avoid any accusations of impropriety.

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