xQc Responds to GTA RP Stripper Controversy

Felix 'xQc' Lengyel, Twitch's most popular streamer, has come under fire for his comments made during a recent GTA RP stream, which the backlash claims were misogynistic. The comments came during an interaction with a fellow GTA RP streamer, Wolfabelle. If you missed the incident, role-playing as a made-up character named Jean Paul, xQc found himself in jail and speaking with Wolfabelle, who was role-playing a police officer.  As you would expect, the conversation wasn't friendly. During the heated exchange, xQc was pleading his innocence, and in this pursuit, called Wolfabelle's character a "bimbo." This was just the tip of the iceberg though. 

"You're a bimbo!" said xQc. "Oh my God, you actually are. You're a bimbo. Really, you're so brain dead. Why don't you go to VU and do what you do best?"

Now, for those that don't follow GTA RP very closely,  VU stands for Vanilla Unicorn, a strip club in the server.  The exchange continued, and it was fairly obvious that while both were playing a character, the exchange went a little beyond role-playing. To this end, xQc, as Jean Paul, called Wolfabelle's character a "broke b***h" and told her to lick his a**crack.

The exchange was very awkward, and not long after it, xQc was getting slammed by the GTA RP community for it, or at least part of the community. Replying to this backlash, xQc revealed he felt bad, but also shot down claims that he was being misogynistic.

"I'm just confused. I feel bad, but also why can't you insult a woman without it being misogynistic," said xQc. "I don't understand. You insult somebody, it should be even across the field. Now, because it's a woman, it's something else? This doesn't make any sense. Jokes are for everyone, and I think that this is just double standards."

xQc continued by claiming that the type of people that were quick to label him a sexist and a misogynist do more damage to equality than good. 

As you may know, this isn't the first time xQc has found himself in controversy following a GTA RP stream. In fact, he's been banned from it on several occasions. That said, so far, he hasn't been banned for this particular interaction, but he has been catching plenty of flack for it.