You Can Now Buy Sonic The Hedgehog’s Shoes

There are a lot of great Sonic the Hedgehog collectibles making the rounds right now, including [...]

Sonic 2

There are a lot of great Sonic the Hedgehog collectibles making the rounds right now, including this amazing First 4 Figures statuette, as well as this forthcoming Sonic Mania vinyl album, which should arrive at the same time as the game. But now you fans are really in for a treat, as you can officially own…Sonic's shoes?

Yep, you may recall that the blue wonder wears these brightly colored red shoes when he speeds along through a number of his games, and now, Japan's Anippon has collaborated with Sega to produce special slip-on shoes, moderately designed so that they're similar to the ones that Sonic wears in his games. These red and white wonders come with a sleek design, along with the Sonic the Hedgehog name imprinted into the heels, so that you know they're official.

Sonic 2

The shoes, which can be purchased here, go for around 7,020 yen, or $63 before shipping, and are available in men's sizes anywhere between size six and 10.5. So for those of you with big feet…sorry, you'll have to stick with your traditional sneakers until Sega makes some kind of Knuckles-based shoes for bigger feet. (Not that it's happening anytime soon or anything.)

They're in stock now, so if you've always wanted to have Sonic on your feet, or you ever wanted to run fast in them to see if you can replicate the blue wonder's speed (by the way, you probably can't – you just don't have blast processing on your side), here's your opportunity. They may take a little time to get to you depending on Anippon's shipping abilities, but, man, it'll be worth it once you slip them on your feet and say something like, "Hey, I'll play with you some other time!" or another Sonic quip of that nature.

Meanwhile, if you want to celebrate with official Sonic games alongside your new footwear, you'll soon get the chance. Sonic Mania arrives on August 15th for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, while Sonic Forces, a much more elaborate 3D adventure, will arrive later this year for all those platforms. That, along with the other Sonic collectibles, will certainly be, ahem, your speed.