Zeldathon Returns, With The Legend Of Zelda Marathons Set To Raise Money For Charity

Legend of Zeldathon

There’s nothing like doing good for others for the holidays, and the Zeldathon team is ready to play their hearts out, all in the name of charity.

The team announced today that it will be hosting its latest six-day marathon of players running their way through a number of The Legend of Zelda games, starting at 4:00 PM Eastern Time on December 27th. It will be kicking off its “Zeldathon mission”, in which it hopes to raise money for non-profit organization Direct Relief.

The team has been doing Zeldathons since 2009, raising a collective $1.7 million for charity, playing through the entirety of the Legend of Zelda video game series through a live broadcast.

During this year’s event, the gamers will ask their audience to donate to Direct Relief, which assists in disaster relief for others.

Along with live streams of games in the series, the Zeldathon events will also offer up musical performances, sketch comedy, costume shows, prize giveaways and more – “incentives that have cemented Zeldathon as one of the biggest and most unique gaming marathons for charity,” the team noted in its press release.

In addition, the Team will also introduce “Missions” this time around. With these, the audience will have a set amount of time in order to achieve a goal. If they manage to meet said goal, they’ll be able to unlock rewards, including behind-the-scenes videos, phone wallpaper downloads, and select prize giveaways.


More information about the Zeldathon event can be found here. The team did a great job previously, raising $375,000 during a single marathon, so we wish them the best of luck in repeating the feat this year. If you’re a die-hard Zelda fan, or you’re just looking to check out a great gaming event during your post-Christmas blues, this is definitely worth checking out.

You can check out the Zeldathon mission trailer below, which gives you a pretty good idea of what the team is all about, and exactly what they do when it comes to fundraising. Hey, as long as they don’t kill any chickens, we give them our full support. (Aw, what the hey, maybe hit just one.)