Marvel Legends Retro Spider-Man Mysterio Action Figure Exclusive is Live


It's Marvel Monday for the month of April, and that means Hasbro is launching another fan channel exclusive figure! This time around it's the Marvel Legends Series 6-Inch Spider-Man Mysterio, which comes complete with clear blue smoke effect accessories, tons of articulation, and a retro Toy Biz-style cardback.

As you can see from the image above, Hasbro did a great job with this Mysterio. The figure features some pretty spectacular detail (notice the gauntlets and the pattern on the cape), and the paint really pops. If you want to add the figure to your collection, pre-orders are live here at Entertainment Earth for $20.99 with shipping slated for October. Details on some of the other recent Fan Channel exclusive figures from Hasbro can be found below.


Back February, Hasbro launched a Marvel Legends Series 6-inch Fan Channel exclusive Venom that's a repaint of the Monster Venom Build-A-Figure from a full Venom figure wave that they released back in 2018. In other words, you no longer have to hunt down six discontinued figures to get Monster Venom. You can order one right here for only $29.99 with shipping slated for May.


Hasbro's Marvel Monday Fan Channel exclusive release for March was the X-Men Marvel Legends 6-inch Retro Gray Beast figure.

The figure is based on Hank McCoy's first appearance in furry form that occurred in Amazing Adventures Vol 2 (1972). After leaving the X-Men to take a position as a genetic researcher with the Brand Corporation, Hank developed a serum that would allow anyone to become a mutant. When he learned about his co-worker's plans to steal his research, Hank drank the serum and transformed into Gray Beast.


The Marvel Legends 6-inch Gray Beast figure includes an alternate head, hands, and book accessory. It also comes packaged in a Toy Biz-style cardback. Pre-orders for the figure are live here at Entertainment Earth for $20.99 with shipping slated for July.

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