'Lake Placid: Legacy' Gets First Trailer

Audiences can't seem to get enough of horror movies featuring average animals that have grown to massive sizes, or, at least, that's what the executives at SYFY seem to think. Their latest offering in the realm of "Mother Nature Gone Wrong" is Lake Placid: Legacy, the fourth sequel to the 1999 film. Check out the film's first trailer above before it debuts on May 28th at 9 p.m. ET on SYFY.

In the film, "Taking place several years after the events of the original film, Legacy finds the team of young explorers out to reveal the secrets of an area removed from modern-day maps and hidden behind electric fences. However, once they reach the center of the lake, they discover an island that harbors an abandoned facility with a horrific legacy: the island is home to a deadly predator eager to feast on those dumb enough to ignore the warnings."

Things don't go according to plan, and "before they can turn back, our hapless heroes get dragged into a battle for their lives — and will need to work together if they hope to survive."

In recent years, the network has made a name for itself by offering viewers fare like 3-Headed Shark Attack, Mongolian Death Worm, and five entries in the Sharknado franchise. While these films often blend humor with horror in their plots that are as ridiculous as their titles, Lake Placid: Legacy looks to lean more heavily into its attempt at offering viewers genuine scares.

The original Lake Placid featured a group of researchers and law enforcement investigating a series of mysterious deaths in Black Lake, Maine, only to discover that a 30-foot-long crocodile had been growing in the lake for years. It also featured Betty White saying curse words, which may have been the film's highlight for most.

This is only the latest sequel to a creature feature from the '90s, with SYFY debuting Deep Blue Sea 2 this week, hitting home video on April 17th. This is the first sequel to the 1999 film about researchers conducting experiments on sharks to cure Alzheimer's disease, resulting in super-smart sharks terrorizing an underwater facility.

Check out Lake Placid: Legacy on SYFY on May 28th at 9 p.m. ET.


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