'Ash vs. Evil Dead' Season 4 Plans Reportedly Went Post-Apocalyptic

This Sunday marks not only the season finale of Ash vs. Evil Dead, but also the series finale, as Starz officially announced that the show would not be returning for a Season Four. The series might be coming to a close, though Bloody Disgusting reports that plans were underway to continue the series for a fourth season, which would potentially have paid off a storyline attempted with Army of Darkness.

Sources close to the series revealed to the site that the plan for Season Four would be to send Ash far into a post-apocalyptic future a la Mad Max. It's unclear if the apocalypse would have been caused by Deadites and other evil forces, and, sadly, we may never find out.

Fans familiar with the franchise might think the above premise sounds familiar, as it ties into director Sam Raimi's original ending of the third film. That planned ending featured Ash traveling from Medieval times to his present by taking a magic potion that would put him in a deep trance until he could awaken in the appropriate time. Unfortunately, Ash gets distracted and takes too much of the potion and awakens after the apocalypse.

It's unclear how far into developing this season the minds behind the show got, but it's possible that the ambitious plans for the season could have prevented Starz from ordering more episodes, knowing how expensive a post-apocalyptic season could be.

While we may be disappointed that we won't get to see these plans come to fruition in Season Four, star Bruce Campbell previously promised this season ends in a satisfying way.

"The big payoff. It’s everything we’ve built up to," Campbell described of the season finale to Consequence of Sound. "Hopefully the audience will go, 'F-ckin’ A-right, Ash. F-ckin’ A-right.' You know? Ash is gonna prove his stuff, man. This is it. This is the final showdown."

Sadly, with the cancellation of the series comes the retirement of Campbell, who confirmed that, after 39 years, he is prepared to leave Ash J. Williams behind for good.

Luckily, the Evil Dead franchise has extended past the world of movies and TV, with adventures also being depicted in comic books and video games, so while we might not see a post-apocalyptic film, these concepts could still be explored in another medium.

Tune in to the series finale of Ash vs. Evil Dead Sunday night at 9 p.m. ET on Starz.


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[h/t Bloody Disgusting]