New 'Halloween' Featurette Examines 40 Years of Michael Myers

Hitting theaters in just over a month is a sequel to the 1978 Halloween, which reunites star Jamie Lee Curtis with original director John Carpenter, who serves as an executive producer, in a showdown that's not to be missed. Theater chain Cinemex shared a new featurette in anticipation of the film which features new footage and an exploration of what makes Michael Myers such a terrifying figure.

An important element of the above featurette is the emphasis on how Michael Myers is "The Boogeyman," a killer whose evil knows no bounds. This differs from a concept introduced in the film's first sequel, which was that Myers was Laurie's long-lost brother.

The original film focused on Myers killing his sister on Halloween night, resulting in being locked up in a mental institution. He escaped 15 years later to return to his hometown, killing teens on his way towards Laurie Strode, with his doctor intervening before he can kill her. The second film introduced the concept of the familial connection, an element which motivated his murders in subsequent films.

In the new film, “A British documentary crew comes to the States to visit Michael in prison for a retrospective of the maniac’s night of terror — but their project becomes way more interesting when Myers escapes custody, retrieves his signature mask and seeks revenge on Laurie, with others naturally being part of his impressive career body count along the way. In the decades following the fateful Halloween night that forever altered the former babysitter’s life, Laurie has armed and prepped herself for Michael’s inevitable return — to the detriment of her family, including daughter Karen and granddaughter Allyson.”

By ignoring all sequels in the franchise and serving as a continuation of the first film, director David Gordon Green can lean more heavily into the mystery surrounding the character to create terror.

“Michael Myers hasn’t evolved as a character in any way, shape or form [since 1978]; he’s the essence of evil,” Green recently shared with the L.A. Times. “He has no character. He has no personality. He has no interests. He never has. He’s someone that is moving forward and reacting to the world around him, but not with any sort of conscious objective. And how the world around him reacts to his behavior is where our story comes to life.”

Fans can experience Myers' terror when Halloween hits theaters on October 19th.


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