American Horror Story: 1984 Star Angelica Ross Says Not Everyone Will Be Pleased With the Identity of the Final Girl

The season finale for American Horror Story: 1984 airs tonight, closing out the FX horror anthology series' ninth season and presumably in true 1980s horror/slasher style: with a Final Girl, one lone survivor of the Camp Redwood bloodbaths. The idea of a Final Girl is one that the series broached in last week's penultimate "Rest In Pieces" when Angelica Ross's Donna explained the concept to Brooke (Emma Thompson) and while Donna says she doesn't have a chance at being that final girl, according to Ross the last lady left standing may not go over well with some fans.

In an interview with TV Guide ahead of tonight's finale, Ross said that the season ending was one that none of the cast really expected and that the ultimate final girl is one that some people won't be happy about.

"I can't really say because I never expected any of this," Ross said when asked about her reaction to finding out who the final girl would ultimately be. "I never expected all of the twists and turns, I didn't even know where this season was going at all. So once we finally filmed the final thing, the final scenes and everything, it just was not what any of us expected. I think that everybody is going to be just on the edge of their seats. And some people are going to be happy and I think some people are not going to be happy and, you know, that's storytelling, right? We can't all survive."

The idea of an unexpected and potentially unsettling final girl is something that would line up with what fans have come to expect from the Ryan Murphy co-created series. American Horror Story frequently takes turns that most shows don't when it comes to themes and tropes and it's something that American Horror Story: 1984 has the opportunity to do with its finale. As Ross' Donna explained last week, horror films always "kill folks off with my complexion first". Yet, Donna has survived to the final episode, something that even Ross admitted could end up being a major twist in Murphy's world when discussing the character's overall journey.

"I think the favorite part for me was the moment that we saw the twist happen with Donna releasing Mr. Jingles," Ross said. "What's funny is that this is the second time that I've been cast in a role where I feel like my objective has been to make the audience want to cheer me on and make them want to see that I deserve to live, both with Candy [on Pose] and with Donna. And so with all things considered — with me being trans, with [Candy] being HIV positive, with her doing sex work, with [Donna] setting Jingles free, with [Donna] having a serial killer for a father — with all of these things considered, as an actor, I had to come up with sort of like my overriding objective throughout the season. And so when I saw that twist, it was perfect for me because I'm a humanitarian and I do believe in the good in all people and I tried to help be a part of bringing that out of people. So it gave me the ability to talk about, like, how many bunnies had to die in order to get the formula right for my hand cream.

"It just really helped in these moments where it was questionable whether or not you wanted this person to survive," she continued. "And now to be at a place where the fans are like, we want you to be our final girl — the odds are against me being the black, you know, a black final girl. But in Ryan Murphy's universe, sometimes anything can happen."


The season finale of American Horror Story: 1984, "Final Girl", airs tonight, Wednesday November 13 at 10/9c on FX.

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