American Horror Story: Season 11 Will Not Be a Two-Part Season

American Horror Story's tenth season, "Double Feature" took an unusual approach to the long-running horror anthology series by splitting the season into two stories. While fans of the FX series had hoped the two stories would be connected, ultimately the "Red Tide" and "Death Valley" installments had no connection to one another, and it sounds like that's a decision that Season 11 of the fan-favorite series will make differently. According to FX chairman John Landgraf, Season 11 of American Horror Story will feature one story, though that story might not happen all at the same time.

"What I can tell you is that the concept of Season 11 is one story," Landgraf recently told The Wrap. "It actually takes place in different timelines, but it's one subject, one story, with a beginning, middle, and an end, like many of the prior stories."

Landgraf also noted that he was a fan of the unique format of "Double Feature," which featured not only different stories but different casts as well that took on vampires in "Red Tide" and aliens in "Death Valley", but also noted that he thinks the idea for Season 11 is interesting as well.

"I think it was really good," he said. "I liked the two shorter stories format. But I actually really like this idea too. I think it's really cool."

American Horror Story was renewed through Season 13 back in 2020, well before Season 10 of the Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk created series made it to air.

"Ryan and Brad are the undisputed masters of horror TV, having created the anthological limited series with American Horror Story and sustaining its success for nearly a decade as FX's highest-rated series," Landgraf said at the time. "We are grateful to them and Dana Walden and our studio partners for committing to another three years. AHS has showcased a wealth of award-winning actors since day one and we appreciate the contributions of everyone, including Ryan, Brad, and fellow executive producers Tim Minear, James Wong, Alexis Martin Woodall, and Bradley Buecker the writers, directors, cast and crew for each, new, unforgettable installment of American Horror Story."

American Horror Story Season 11 does not yet have a release date.

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