Angel Fan-Favorite Character Makes Reboot Debut

Angel is in the midst of its first crossover with Buffy the Vampire Slayer. BOOM! Studios wasted no time in bringing both sides of its rebooted Buffy the Vampire Slayer universe together for the Hellmouth crossover. The previous issue of the series saw Charles Gunn and Winifred Burkle have their first meeting with Spike. The newest issue of Angel from Bryan Edward Hill and Gelb Melnikov introduces a key, fan-favorite character from the original Angel television series. This character may have a key role to play in the Hellmouth crossover. SPOILERS for Angel #7 by Bryan Edward Hill and Gleb Melnikov follow.

While Gunn and Fred were able to make contact with Spike in the previous issue, some kidnappers manage to capture Fred. When Gunn and Spike can't seem to agree on what to do next, Lilith steps in with some specific instructions.

Lilith sends them to Caritas, a karaoke bar run by the ever-popular Angel character Lorne. Lorne is an empathic demon who can read people's futures if they sing for him.

Angel Reboot Lorne
(Photo: BOOM! Studios)

Spike and Gunn perform for Lorne, and he tells them what they can. Unfortunately for them, Fred has fallen into the hands of another returning Angel character, Lilah Morgan. And Lilah Morgan heralds the return fo the Angel's most feared antagonist, the demonic legal firm Wolfram and Hart.

Speaking to in September, Hill discussed what the Hellmouth crossover means for the Angel series. "It's always exciting when you have these big events, because big events can change characters and they can change narrative world," Hill said. "We writers, we love to build things, but even more, we love to hit them with a hammer. So, any time you can be part of that, that's really great. I mean, for me, what I'm most excited about is seeing how Angel's experience in that kind of byzantine adventure, is going to alter him and put him in touch with a lot of his ancient desires and motivations, and how that affects him going forward."

What do you think of Lorne's debut in the rebooted Angel series? Let us know in the comments. Angel #7 is on sale now.

Angel #7

(W) Bryan Edward Hill (A) Gleb Melnikov (CA) Dan Panosian


A HELLMOUTH TIE-IN! Angel's in Sunnydale, so it's up to TEAM SPIKE to save Los Angeles from a horde of demons! But can Fred and Gunn find a way to work with Spike to save their city... or does Spike have a secret agenda?

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