Blair Witch Reboot Director Sets the Record Straight on Mysterious Ending

Keeping in tradition with the original The Blair Witch Project, director Adam Wingard's Blair [...]

Keeping in tradition with the original The Blair Witch Project, director Adam Wingard's Blair Witch in 2016 concluded on a relatively ambiguous note, leaving many audiences perplexed by what they just saw, but the director recently confirmed that you shouldn't expect any sort of explanation from him anytime soon, to the dismay of some fans. Instead, the director noted that he has his own interpretation of what was really happening in the film's finale and that the nature of the lore lends itself to mystery, so if his intentions were to directly detail how things ended, he would rather the movie have answered those questions itself.

"I just have to kind of reiterate, if I was going to reveal what happened I would have revealed it in the movie," Wingard detailed to Dread Central. "That's part of the Blair Witch: I have my own interpretation of what's going on there but the mystery of Blair Witch is what is so interesting. The Blair Witch Project, that's what I always loved: there's never definitive answers."

He continued, "I think it's always important that the filmmakers have an answer, that we're not just like J.J Abrams. I think he's a very talented director, don't get me wrong, but you always feel like he does this thing where he tees up all these mysteries and he doesn't really have an idea what the mysteries are. He just kind of comes up with really cool ideas and they never quite pay off, and it's always a little disappointing. I do have an idea what was going on in Blair Witch; there are definitely definitive concepts there, but I think unless they were explored in another movie it will just always have to be a mystery."

In the original Blair Witch Project, a group of documentarians heads out into the woods of Maryland in search of answers surrounding the mythical "Blair Witch," only to be tormented by unseen forces, which are never confirmed to be human or supernatural in nature. Blair Witch served as a direct continuation of that narrative, with the brother of one of the disappeared documentarians heading out into the woods for themselves. The film crescendos with seemingly otherworldly occurrences unfolding, yet the film still withheld a number of key details that some audiences might have been hoping for.

Unfortunately, with Blair Witch earning somewhat disappointing reactions from fans and critics, a follow-up film seems unlikely.

Wingard's Godzilla vs. Kong hits theaters and HBO Max on March 31st.

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