Blumhouse Partners With Amazon Studios to Deliver Eight Feature-Length Thrillers

Blumhouse Television has partnered with Amazon Studios to deliver eight feature-length thrillers [...]

Blumhouse Television has partnered with Amazon Studios to deliver eight feature-length thrillers to their streaming platform.

"Jason Blum has built an empire based on fear, shock and all things spine-tingling," Amazon Studios chief Jennifer Salke shared in a statement. "He has redefined the horror genre for fans who are hungry for high concept scares. Whether it's found footage, a socially conscious terror comedy or a pure sinister adrenaline ride, he reinvented and infused the genre with cultural relevancy."

Blumhouse made a name for itself in the horror genre with films like Paranormal Activity, Insidious, and Sinister. The studio has gotten much more ambitious in recent years in regards to the perceptions of genre filmmaking, delivering audiences films like Whiplash and Get Out, both of which earned Academy Awards.

"We are delighted Amazon is entrusting Blumhouse to deliver its signature thrills and chills to its global audience through this deal," Blum shared. "This is a great opportunity for Blumhouse Television to empower underrepresented filmmakers offering a fresh take on the dark genres loved by fans the world over."

With the only confirmed details being "eight thrillers," there are any number of topics that will likely be covered. Amazon also confirmed that the minds behind each entry would be from diverse filmmakers, seemingly ensuring different interpretations of the genre.

Last month, Blumhouse earned a massive hit with the most recent entry in the Halloween franchise, earning itself both critical and financial success. Earlier this month, however, Blum himself became the center of a controversy after disparaging remarks about Donald Trump.

At the Israel Film Festival, Blum shared, "The good thing about this country is that you get to like Trump but I don't have to and I don't like him."

Understandably, the statement was met with a passionate response from the crowd, though the producer seemed shocked to discover how many in attendance began heckling him for his remarks.

"Thanks to our president, anti-semitism is in the rise," Blum announced, only for the festival organizers to begin attempting to remove him from the stage. It was unclear whether they chose to remove him due to their disagreement with the comments or if they were hoping to avoid getting the audience even more fired up.

Details about when these feature-length thrillers will head into production or will debut on the service are currently unknown.

Stay tuned for details on the future of Blumhouse Productions.

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