Chucky Season Finale Answers a 30 Year Old Question From Child's Play

The eighth and final episode of Chucky's first season has come to a close and with it a major change to the continuity of the entire Child's Play franchise was revealed. It should go without saying, but we'll note, Spoilers Follow! As the series has progressed it has routinely used flashbacks to fill out the backstory of Charles Lee Ray. aka Chucky, showing him as a child and getting his first kill to his time as a teen with meeting his original accomplice, and even his first meeting with Tiffany. That fateful tango with Jennifer Tilly's character goes far back now in the series' continuity, and apparently was a big part of the original Child's Play.

As fans of the series know, Chucky voice actor Brad Dourif only appeared in the first movie in the series, 1988's original Child's Play. At first the film reveals him to be a serial killer called The Lakeshore Strangler, with the opening minutes showing him on the run from the police after his multi-kill crime spree. In the end Douriff's Chucky transfers his soul into the Good Guy doll and the rest was history, but what was the backstory on that opening? Frankly the franchise never needed to address this moment, it's not a plot hole nor is it anything but a dynamic intro into the story, but we've now learned what lead to this chase.

In the Chucky finale, Jennifer Tilly's TIffany and Chucky are having a spat (as they're want to do) and she reveals to him a secret she's held for thirty years, asking "Did you ever wonder how those cops find you that night in Chicago?" The finale flashes back to the 1980s where a young Tiffany laments to a young Chucky that they don't kill anyone together anymore, prompting Chucky to leave the apartment. Once he's gone, Tiffany picks up the phone and calls the police, asking for Detective Mike Norris (Child's Play's Chris Sarandon), revealing that Tiffany turned Chucky over to the cops which resulted in the opening scene of the original film and Chucky's decades-long life inside Good Guy Dolls.

Chucky was just renewed for season two by USA Network/SYFY and the series sets up what comes next in the story in a big way. Considering how long the franchise has been going for decades now, with breaks every few years, it should surprise no one that the show will go on.