Evil Dead Rise Director Celebrates Start of Filming With Photo

Longtime franchise star and producer of the upcoming Evil Dead Rise Bruce Campbell previously [...]

Longtime franchise star and producer of the upcoming Evil Dead Rise Bruce Campbell previously teased that production on the new film could be kicking off by the end of the year, only for director Lee Cronin to surprise fans today by taking to Twitter to announce that production had officially launched today. This announcement comes shortly after news emerged that the upcoming film was slated to debut as an HBO Max original, to the surprise of many, though with original director Sam Raimi serving as both a producer and having selected Cronin personally to helm the new film, there's a lot for Evil Dead fans to be excited for.

Alongside a photo of the new film's slate, Cronin merely captioned the photo "Day 1," while adding the hashtag #EvilDeadRise.

The three original films in the series focused on Ash Williams, played by Campbell, and his tangles with Deadites who were created after reciting from the Necronomicon, also known as the "Book of the Dead." In 2013, a reboot of the concept was developed which was devoid of Ash, only for Campbell to return to the series for three seasons of Ash vs. Evil Dead.

Alyssa Sutherland and Lilly Sullivan are set to star in the new film, which reports have said will shift the focus away from a remote cabin and will instead take place in an urban setting. Other than this loose premise, however, it's unknown whether this film will serve as a sequel to the original trilogy and TV series, the reboot, or all of the above.

"For me, the key thing I kept reminding myself of, when you're in the trenches and you're developing something, was to make sure it's a roller coaster," Cronin shared with ComicBook.com last year about his approach to the film. "To make sure that it has twists and turns and that it's visceral and engaging. To sum all that up, to come back to what I just said, I wanted to create a roller coaster of terror. That was really the key for me. my memories of Evil Dead, when I watched them at a young age, always marveling at 'how does this even exist?' It just continues to poke at my brain and refresh every time I watch it. So to boil it down to an even simpler thing was that it's experiential. It has to be a horror experience. And that's the key and that's what I'm trying to achieve with this."

Stay tuned for details on Evil Dead Rise.

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