Expedition X Sneak Peek Teases Mysterious New Adventures in Upcoming Season (Exclusive)

Throughout the history of Discovery's Expedition X, audiences have been treated to investigations [...]

Throughout the history of Discovery's Expedition X, audiences have been treated to investigations of all manner of mysteries, with the upcoming season of the series seeing host Josh Gates send Jessica Chobot and Phil Torres into the field in hopes of lending their unique insight into a variety of cases to shed new light on the unexplained. From monsters to feral societies, this upcoming season looks to be tackling its most bizarre reports yet, which you can get a tease of in the above sneak peek of the new season. Expedition X premieres on the Discovery Channel on Wednesday, September 1st.

Per press release, "In a heart-pounding new season, Josh sends Jessica, a supernatural true believer, and Phil, a curious skeptic, to work with experts and eyewitnesses, deploying everything from thermal drones and Data Acquisition cameras that are capable of spotting UFO's in the sky to infrasound detectors that identify sounds at frequencies below the range of human hearing, all to shed new light on cases that have confounded, fascinated, and frightened people for generations. From venturing into the unforgiving Appalachian wilderness to investigate the truth behind horrifying sightings of feral people, to unearthing clues to a flying beast lurking in the shadows of southern Iowa, Phil and Jessica search far and wide for the truth. In one of their most daring cases yet, Josh sends Phil and Jessica to Thailand in search of the cult behind terrifying warnings of global catastrophes and natural disasters. The risky search for answers intensifies as they gain access to the secretive sect's inner circle and even visit a secret compound deep in the mountains.

"The season culminates with an epic two-part special at Fort Morgan in Alabama where Phil and Jessica gain exclusive access to a decommissioned Civil War military fort – rumored to be haunted. After the case takes an unexpected turn, Josh calls on Amy Bruni and Adam Berry from Travel Channel's Kindred Spirits to join the team to further investigate. Phil and Jessica risk it all, using every resource available in their quest for answers to history's most baffling mysteries.

"In addition to watching the series on Discovery, viewers can stream past seasons of Expedition X on discovery+. Viewers can join the conversation on social media by using the hashtag #ExpeditionX."

Check out the season premiere of Expedition X on the Discovery Channel on Wednesday, September 1st at 8 p.m. ET.

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