Josh Gates Returns to Tackling the Unknown in New Episodes of Expedition X on Discovery

The coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdowns impacted everyone around the world for the past [...]

The coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdowns impacted everyone around the world for the past year, which caused a number of complications with TV series that were explicitly based on venturing to mysterious locales, yet with travel restrictions now being lifted, Josh Gates' Expedition X and Josh Gates Tonight will be making their returns to the Discovery Channel. New episodes of Expedition X will deliver all of the otherworldly explorations audiences have come to expect from the series, while Josh Gates Tonight will continue to feature interviews with all manner of special guests. The series will return to the Discovery Channel on April 14th and will subsequently be available on discovery+.

Per press release, "In one of the most exciting Expedition X investigations yet, Josh ventures into the field to join his dynamic duo as they hunt the legendary Beast of Bray Road across rural Wisconsin. And throughout the new season, Jessica (Chobot) and Phil (Torres) will continue to tackle the strangest mysteries and legends from around the country. Whether it's exploring the waters surrounding 'UFO Island' just off the coast of California, chasing the legend of a seven-foot tall humanoid creature in the eerily-named Ape Canyon, or ghost hunting on an abandoned canal rumored to be haunted by soldiers slaughtered in the Civil War, the Expedition X team has the truth in its sights. Working with eyewitnesses and experts, and deploying a cutting-edge toolbox of high-tech equipment, Phil and Jess shed new light on cases that have confounded, frightened, and fascinated people for generations.

"Then, Josh Gates returns to Expedition HQ for the talk show with a Discovery twist, Josh Gates Tonight. A unique cocktail of celebrity guests, exciting excursions into the field, and Josh's patented brand of comedy. In this all-new run of all-new episodes, he'll be joined by luminaries Christopher Lloyd, Kevin Bacon, Craig Robinson, Gabriel Iglesias, Haley Joel Osment, Giancarlo Esposito, and Larry the Cable Guy, and many more. Josh also continues adventuring as only he can -- attending a race car academy, becoming a Hollywood stunt man for a day, and going on a ghost hunt through LA with Jack Osborne…oh, and did we mention the time-traveling?

"In addition to watching the series on Discovery, viewers can stream past seasons of Josh Gates Tonight and Expedition X on discovery+."

Check out the season premieres of the series on April 14th on the Discovery Channel.

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