Expedition Unknown With Josh Gates Season Premiere Details Revealed (Exclusive)

This past year has kept Discovery Channel host Josh Gates quite busy, as the coronavirus pandemic [...]

This past year has kept Discovery Channel host Josh Gates quite busy, as the coronavirus pandemic and all of its quarantine and social distancing protocols has seen the network find unconventional ways to deliver audiences compelling content, with Gates finally returning to deliver fans a new season of his flagship investigation series Expedition Unknown, which will be returning later this month. Despite the various complications of the past year, Gates is getting right back into the swing of things by delivering his signature wit and wisdom into all manner of mysteries, with the all-new season set to premiere on both Discovery Channel and discovery+ on July 21st.

Per press release, "How does a plane carrying three Navy airmen crash into the Pacific without a trace? Why has the stolen loot of America's most notorious bank robber never been recovered? Where did the legend of El Dorado come from and could the City of Gold be hidden in the Colombian jungle? Uncovering some of the world's greatest mysteries involving history's most iconic legends, Josh Gates is back and ready to explore the unknown. An ardent adventurer, Gates has tackled history's most captivating puzzles from vanished cities and buried treasure to ground-breaking archaeological discoveries. In an all-new season of Expedition Unknown premiering Wednesday, July 21st at 8 p.m. ET and streaming on discovery+, viewers will follow Josh on thrilling adventures including the hunt for a massive fortune at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, new discoveries about infamous skyjacker DB Cooper, the truth behind the legend of El Dorado, and more.

"In the fascinating season premiere, Gates will bring the Dillinger legend out of the past and into the present, adding a gripping new chapter to the story of America's greatest bank robber. Dillinger became a legend after a string of bold bank robberies and daring prison escapes. Josh travels to Dillinger's family farm to investigate new leads that millions in stolen loot may soon be found. Using a newfound map that may have belonged to Dillinger himself as well as cutting-edge technology, Josh's in-depth investigation may rewrite the story of 'Public Enemy Number One.'

"Throughout the season, Gates takes viewers along for the ride as he tackles enduring mysteries including a historic search for a WWII torpedo bomber off the coast of Southern California, investigating the only unsolved skyjacking in American history, and bushwhacking through the dangerous Colombian jungle in search of both truth and treasure surrounding the legend of El Dorado."

Check out the season premiere of Expedition Truth on the Discovery Channel on July 21st at 8 p.m. ET and on discovery+.

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