R.L. Stine Offers Updates on Future Live-Action Goosebumps and Fear Street Movies

Author R.L. Stine is a seminal figure among young horror fans, with his Goosebumps and Fear Street series of books being many audiences' first forays into terrifying tales, which earned additional attention and excitement when they were adapted into live-action projects. The blend of family-friendly humor and horror in the Goosebumps books earned two live-action movies in 2015 and 2018, with Stine recently noting that there are talks of potentially developing more films. Last summer, three Fear Street movies debuted on Netflix, with the author also teasing that there could be more films in that franchise on the way.

"There's still talk about more Goosebumps movies, and I also hear rumors about more Fear Street movies for Netflix, because the first ones did so well last summer," Stine revealed to Yahoo! Entertainment. "Those films kind of shocked me, because they were all R-rated, and I've never done anything R-rated! All those teenagers were getting slashed. I was like, 'Suddenly, I have a slasher movie!'"

While the Goosebumps films all borrowed various elements from across his book series, the Fear Street films instead aimed to capture the tone of his books as opposed to lifting specific plot points from those narratives. Part of what made the Fear Street trilogy so ambitious is that all films were filmed during an extended production period and focused on various connected characters in the town of Shadyside, Ohio, jumping forward and backward over various points in time. Additionally, they were all released on consecutive weeks, making it more of an event for Netflix and leaving fans to only wait a week to find out what would happen in the next installment.

One confirmed live-action project on the way is a new Goosebumps TV series at Disney+, with the author confirming that the series will be a long-running narrative as opposed to being an anthology like his books or previous TV adaptations.

"I'm not really in the loop on the TV show, but my understanding is that it's not going to be an anthology series, it's going to be a continuing story," the author teased. "But honestly, I haven't heard any more about it than that."

Stay tuned for details on the future of the Goosebumps and Fear Street franchises.

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