Halloween Ends Footage Reveals First Look at the End of the Horror Franchise

Universal Pictures wrapped things up at CinemaCon this year and in keeping with that theme offered a first look at Halloween Ends, the next film in the series and the conclusion of the story that started with 2018's revival of the slasher franchise. Star Jamie Lee Curtis was on hand to talk up the movie and introduce the footage, telling attendees: "It's gonna f-ck you up." ComicBook.com's Cam Bonomolo was on hand for the event and saw the first footage from the David Gordon Green-directed follow-up. Though the trailer is mostly made up of footage from the other films there is one major scene that's new. The footage begins:

  • "44 years ago, the face of fear was born."
  • Classic footage from John Carpenter's HALLOWEEN.
  • A murder montage shows the victims of Michael Myers on Halloween night '78 and 2018. 
  • "Every scream. Every scare. Every slash. Has led to this."
  • In new footage, Laurie breaths heavily as she hides in a dark closet. 
  • Michael Myers stalks a kitchen with a knife. 
  • Laurie lunges at Michael and slashes at him. It's a BRUTAL fight. 
  • Michael grabs Laurie's hair and slams her face first into a glass cabinet. Laurie grips her knife and stabs it into Michael's hand. 
  • The trailer ends with Michael on the table. Laurie stands over her prey with a butcher knife. 

Regarding the film and it being her last time playing the role of Laurie Strode, Curtis called it "the ride of my life," adding: "I had no idea when I was cowering in the closet 45 years ago that this character would become the most important relationship of my entire career and professional life. And I'm grateful because Laurie Strode is the OG Final Girl. She's the one that term apparently was created for. The one that won't be stopped, won't be killed, will face the monsters when others run, and over the years that has taken on obviously new dimensions."

She continued with some thoughts on the horror genre as a whole, noting "It lets us confront something we can't control. it allows us to scream and fight and sometimes we're in a world that doesn't always allow those cathartic opportunities, and horror films are fun to see in a big crowd because horror matters, but sadly all things must come to an end."

"Mama's tired," Curtis concluded to a laugh. "This Halloween, we will experience Laurie's last stand. It's gonna f-ck you up."

Halloween Ends will debut in theaters on October 14, 2022