Halloween Kills: Andi Matichak Teases Getting More Hands-On Encounters With Michael Myers

Throughout much of 2018's Halloween, Andi Matichak's Allyson spent her time running away from and evading Michael Myers, though the actress recently offered a tease that fans can expect more up-close encounters with the masked murderer. With seven months to go until the film's release, she remained tight-lipped about any plot points, even holding back on emphasizing what her encounters with Michael might be like. While the previous film ultimately resulted in Allyson stabbing Michael, supported by her mother and grandmother, her recent comments have us prepped for more intense showdowns. Halloween Kills hits theaters on October 15th.

When asked by WeWatchedAMovie about which film was more physically demanding, Matichak confirmed, "Kills. I just ran around a bunch in the first one, in Halloween, I ran around in the woods, there were a lot of running scenes that got cut where I'm just jogging around the block."

After being asked about her reaction to physically harming any of her co-stars for these scenes, Matichak deflected, noting, "If that's what they wrote, I don't know."

Halloween Kills was originally slated to hit theaters last October, though it was delayed to this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. The actress noted that, while she's seen glimpses of the film, she hasn't seen it in its entirety or with its completed score, which she hopes to enjoy with an entire audience.

"I've not seen the film in its entirety, [director] David's [Gordon Green] shown me some clips and some sequences of things, but I haven't seen the full film and everything I saw was a temporary score, as well, so I don't know if [composer John] Carpenter's done. Which, to be fair, I kind of don't want to. To see it in a theater, hopefully we can see it in a theater, with just the [big] sound is gonna be epic," the actress expressed. "I wasn't that bummed [about the delay], if I'm gonna be honest, and the reason is because I would really love if we could see it in a theater and, this past October, there's no way we could. I would have been more okay if this was [the 2018 Halloween] and that needed to go to VOD, fine, it's still a huge bummer, but that type of scale of a movie is at least okay on your home screen. Kills deserves to be in a theater."


Stay tuned for details on Halloween Kills, which hits theaters on October 15th.

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